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Registration Fee: $10

Full package Thursday/Friday/Saturday: $300

Thursday night class only: $50

Friday classes only: $150

Saturday classes only: $200

Senior package: $225

Beginning package: $225

Single class: $50

Observer pass: $40

"TAP DANCE....ELEVATED" concert tickets: $30

Utah Tap Fest T-shirt: $30

Student showcase: $50 solo, $60 duo, $75 trio, $15/dancer small group

Improv performance: $30

Residency: $250



Advanced: For the advanced dancers with 5+ years of tap dancing.  This level moves at a fast pace without a lot of break-down of steps.  Challenging rhythms, and combinations of steps.

Intermediate:  For the tap dancer with at least 3-4 years of tap.  Tap dancers should be able to pick up challenging choreography.  Teacher assumes that all students have already mastered all of the basics.

Beginning:  This class is designed for dancers who prefer to move at a slower pace, with more time for explanation and breakdown of steps.  Be aware, however, that this isn't a level for an "absolute beginner."  Because children  under 12 often need more attention for questions, this is usually a better fit for them. This is also an excellent level for adults who want to enjoy a great tap workshop at a nice pace, without feeling too overwhelmed.

Senior:  Only adults allowed in this level--no kids.  Similar pace to beginning/intermediate.  Not such a packed schedule as the others.  This is for dancers who want to come learn and have fun, but not overdo it.

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