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Residency with Dante Lara: Advanced Level. Learn an entire new piece of choreography, set by choreographer Dante Lara from Los Angeles, California, and perform it on Saturday night in the closing show!

What is a Residency?

A Residency is an opportunity to learn an original piece of choreography, specifically created for the Utah Tap Festival.  The final piece will be performed by the group in the closing show.  Residency spaces are limited to allow for a more intimate and intense group learning opportunity. Dancers will be pushed to reach beyond their comfort zone and grow as artists throughout the residency process.


Why do a Residency?

A residency is a great way to develop your relationship with a choreographer. It is a special way to meet new tap dancers and create experiences together. Residencies are great resume builders. A Residency is a great way to challenge yourself both mentally and physically.

What’s Involved?

This will vary from year to year, and depending on the choreographer, but plan on receiving a detailed email with specific rehearsal times, costume requirements, and other instructions as the event gets closer.

Does it cost extra?

Yes.  All participants must be registered for the Utah Tap Fest, and will be charged an additional fee to participate in the residency.

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